Served Daily | 11:30am – 2:00pm


add bacon +3

"Basic B"

house-baked biscuit with salted butter and seasonal jam.


The Original Sando

house-baked biscuit with folded egg, sharp cheddar. 

add cayucos hot sauce aioli +2

add cambria avocado +2.5



house-baked biscuit with fried egg, sharp cheddar, greens, tomato, oregano, Pasolivo lemon olive oil.


Braaibroodjie (Grilled Cheese)

south african style grilled cheese with sharp cheddar, tomatoes, onion,  house-made tomato jam on pressed Pagnol Sonora bread.



Pesto Rice Bowl (gf)

brown rice, kale pesto (nut-free), preserved meyer lemon, Cayucos hot sauce, watermelon radish, sheep’s feta, soft-cooked egg.


Chicken Caesar Salad (gfo)

chopped baby romaine, shredded chicken, parmesan, Pagnol Sonora house-croutons.


Vegan Rice (gf, v)

brown rice, dino kale pesto (nut free), preserved meyer lemon, cayucos hot sauce, watermelon radish, cambria avocado, curly purple kale, tomato.


Thai Fried Tofu (gf)

brown rice, silky fried tofu, roma tomato, greens, onion, tamarind sauce, topped with crispy shallots.



Avocado Toast (vo)

Pagnol Sonora bread, burrata, parmesan, oregano, pistachio, Pasolivo lemon olive oil.

add Cal Poly egg +2


Savory Bread

pagnol sonora bread, crimini mushrooms, celery, garlic, shallots, onion.


Chicken Salad

pagnol sonora bread, topped with arugula, creamy pickled mustard seed dressing, roasted chicken.


Tori's Veggie Soup (vo)

spicy tomato, seasonal farmer’s market veggies with warm pagnol olive bread.

add shredded chicken +2