Served Daily 8:30am – 11:30am


"Basic B"

house-baked biscuit with salted butter and seasonal jam.


The Original Sando

house-baked biscuit with folded egg, sharp cheddar. 

add cayucos hot sauce aioli +2

add cambria avocado +2.5



house-baked biscuit with fried egg, sharp cheddar, greens, tomato, oregano, Pasolivo lemon olive oil.



Bowl of Eggs (gf)

three eggs scrambled with smashed potatoes, side of bacon or fennel sausage.

add any item +1.5

avocado, cheese, curly purple kale, tomato, lemon garlic aioli


Pesto Rice Bowl (gf)

brown rice, kale pesto (nut-free), preserved meyer lemon, Cayucos hot sauce, watermelon radish, sheep’s feta, soft-cooked egg.


The Works (gf, vo)

three eggs with side of bacon or fennel sausage, avocado, cheese, curly purple kale, tomato, lemon garlic aioli, Cayucos hot sauce.


Creamy Polenta (gf)

two eggs poached, dino kale pesto (nut free), pasolivo lemon olive oil



Overnight Oats (gf)

whole oats soaked overnight with dates and grouts, served with Linn’s olallieberry jam, cinnamon, mango powder, M+C Grrrnola blend, topped with steamed oat milk.


Avocado Toast (vo)

Pagnol Sonora bread, burrata, parmesan, oregano, pistachio, Pasolivo lemon olive oil.

add Cal Poly egg +2


Grrrnola Parfait (gf)

Straus yogurt, Linn’s olallieberry jam, M+C Grrrnola blend


Monterey St Toast

Caliwala Sonora, avocado, arugula, pickled watermelon radish, lemon oil