Introducing: Mint n’ Curry from Robin Covey!

Robin Covey, creator of Novo Restaurant, is introducing a SOUTH ASIAN POPUP at Mint + Craft -- Mint n' Curry!

Starting September 17th, enjoy modern + traditional fare as bowls and wraps on our open-air patio every Thursday evening.


NORTH INDIAN LAMB (Roghan Josh): a favorite at Robin’s and Novo in the past. Rich and spicy, made with ground almonds, coconut, and yogurt for richness and a vast array of aromatic spices and dried red chiles.


INDONESIAN BEEF (Rendang): boneless short rib cooked in coconut milk with turmeric, coriander, and lemongrass.

PORK AND POTATO VINDALOO: marinated in spices and vinegar 24hrs prior to cooking. House-roasted and ground whole spices.

SRI LANKAN CHICKEN: another favorite from Robin’s in the 1990’s brought back in 2020. This mouth-watering curry has lemongrass, cinnamon stick, tomatoes, curry leaves, and coconut milk.


DHAL: made from yellow split peas and spices, this dhal was a favorite on Mint’ menu in 2019 (vegan)

BEET RAITA: refreshing and cooling yogurt accompaniment made with market beets, garlic, lemon, and black mustard seeds.

 FRESH MINT & CILANTRO CHUTNEY: a spicy blend of serrano chiles, mint, cilantro, green onion, and lemon. Explosion of flavor! (vegan)

GREEN BEAN, CASHEW, AND COCONUT SALAD: shallots and fresno chiles (vegan)

CAULIFLOWER LIME PICKLE: market cauliflower, ginger, lime and turmeric (vegan)

CABBAGE AND KALE: comfort market veggies (vegan)

We Welcome Hepp’s Salt Co.

Hepp's Salt co. founded by Brian Hepp, started as a revolutionary "salt bar" at local farmers markets in Venice Beach! Brians goal was to educate people about the individualized flavor profiles of the different types of salts, and how to utilize them in every day cooking. His salts are made with fresh, organic sea salts with no additives or anti caking agents.

Pick up a few of these salt and sugar combos at Mint + Craft and bring the gourmet cooking experience into your kitchen!⠀

Barley Bones

Even our furry friends deserve a handcrafted treat

Find New Recipes

Who doesn't love finding a new recipe to spice up their meal rotation?! Good thing we have a great selection of cookbooks in store.

Cathy Baker’s Ceramics

Local artisan, Cathy Baker, has a passion for crafting unique and beautiful ceramics and we are lucky to carry them in store. Next time you stop in, take a look!