Served daily from 11am to 9pm.


Served with a side of house greens or confit potatoes. Gluten-free substitution - coconut-oat crepe

The SLOCAL   13

applewood bacon, lettuce, vine-ripe tomato, microgreens, crushed avacado, preserved lemon aioli, whole grain bread.

The Egyptian    14

braised lamb, market greens, california chevre, dukkah, whole wheat flatbread. *contains nuts

The Huasna    13

roasted market vegitables with california sheep's cheese, microgreens, whole grain bread.

Monte Cristo    13

baked ham, swiss cheese, dijon, micro mustard sprouts on  egg battered brioche.

Greens + Grains

Simple + Hearty Greens      7

19 leaves, shaved radish, mustard, preserved citrus vinaigrette.

Salade Nicoise      16

Green beans, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, onion-caper relish, dukkah crusted albacore (seared rare), soft boiled egg, house marinated olives.

Spinache Blue + Bacon    11

bloomsdale spinach, red onion, big rock blue cheese, bacon vinaigrette.

Vietnamese Rice Noodle   10

chilled bean thread noodles, spicy pickles, green onions, nuoc mam, fresh herbs, pea tendrils. *contains fish sauce

Red Quinoa Fattoush  10

toasted flatbread, cucumber, tomato, red onion, preserved citrus vinaigrette.

Ancient Grain + Roasted Pepper  11

olives, goat feta, green onion, honey-paprike, dressing.


Served all day

Ham + Egg Grilled Cheese on Brioche   7

Plain Grilled Cheese on Brioche   5

Garlic Sausage + Peewee Potatoes   8


Add Ons

sauteed greens 4

Yellow lentil dal 3

Soft boiled egg 2

Kaffir beef short rib 4

Salt roasted peewee potatoes 3

Whole wheat flatbread 2

Dukkah seared albacore 5

Cilantro-chili prawns 6

Lemongrass chicken 4

Tamari marinated tofu 3

Hours: 8am - 8pm daily
848 Monterey St.
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401

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