Lunch + Dinner


Avocado Toast (gfo/vo)

Sesame-miso butter, radish spouts, furikake, whole grain bread


Chicken Chile Empanada

Chimichurri-chicken, pasilla chile, queso fresco


Veggie Empanada

Cremini mushrooms, potatoes, roasted bell peppers


Braised Beef Empanada

Roasted red peppers and potatoes


Apple Raspberry Frangipane Handpie


Charcuterie (gfo)

Merchantile  Meats, cheeses, giardiniera, crostini, jam, mustard, spiced nuts


Potatoes + Ranch

Confit wee potatoes, granch dipping sauce


Sautéed Bloomsdale Hummus

Served with garlic and parmesan


Roasted Beetroot Hummus

Roasted beetroot hummus, goat feta, sukkah, sliced cucumber, toasted za’atar flat bread


Soup of the Day

Fresh market-inspired soups with crostini


Market Quiche

Chef’s daily selections


Market Fruit Bowl


Served with soup or salad \ Gluten-free bread available ($1)

Banh Mi (vo)

Spicy pickles, fresh herbs, nuoc mam (contains fish sauce), samba aioli, cubano roll, your choice of braised pork belly, lemongrass chicken or marinated tofu


B.L.T.A. (df)

Applewood bacon, lettuce, vine-ripe tomato, local greens, crushed avocado, sambal aioli, sesame bun


Hot Ham + Swiss

Nueske ham, gruyere, dijoinaise, local greens, tomato, brioche bun


Garden Flatbread (vo)

Naan, yellow lentil dahl, market vegetables, olive oil, goat feta, za’tar



Peruvian marinated flank steak, sautéed peppers and onions, jalapeno aioli, gouda cheese on a Cubano roll


Ahi Tuna

Sesame encrusted ahi-tuna, asian slaw, cucumbers, sambal aioli, radish sprouts, served on a sesame bun


ADD marinated tofu 4  |  lemongrass chicken 4  |  pork belly 5  |  cilantro-chili prawns 6  |  smoked salmon 6  |  seared ahi 6

Simple Greens (gf/v)

Local greens, shaved radish, preserved citrus vinaigrette


Spinach Caesar (gfo)

Bloomsdale spinach, lemon-garlic-anchovy dressing, parmesan, bread crumbs, fried egg


Strawberry Frisee Salad (gf/vo)

Frisee, goats milk feta, pistachios, pickled red onion, strawberry-yogurt dressing


Vietnamese Noodle Salad (gfo/vo)

Vermicelli, spicy pickles, cabbage, scallions, peanuts, cilantro, mint, nuoc mam (contains fish sauce)


Apple Bloomsdale Salad (gfo)

Bloomsdale spinach, frisse, canyon apples, candied  walnuts, big rock, blue cheese, apple cider thyme vinaigrette


Glass Noodle Bowl (gf)

Vermicelli noodles, lemongrass-ginger pork meatballs, chile prawns, cabbage, scallions, carrot ribbons, furikake, toasted miso dash


Indian Vegan Bowl (gf/v)

Yellow lentil dahl, market vegetables, eggplant chutney, brown basmati rice


Tandoori Chicken (gf)

Indian spice-rubbed chicken, yellow lentil dahl, market vegetables, eggplant chutney and yogurt


Cashew Chicken Bowl (gf)

Lemongrass chicken, cashews, market vegetables, tamarind sauce, brown basmati rice


Apple Bacon Mac + Cheese  (vo)

Carmelized canyon apples/onion, applewood smoked bacon, gouda cheese


SLO-MO (Lomo Saltado)  (gf)

Peruvian dish with flank steak, paprika potatoes, sautéed peppers, jalapeño aioli


Grain Bowl

Wild fried rice, garlic sautéed market vegetables, avocado

ADD chicken or tofu 2  |  salmon, ahi, prawns 3


gfo = gluten-free option / gf = gluten-free / v = vegan  /  vo = vegan option / df = dairy-free

Prices are subject to change.

Garden Flatbread
Banh Mi
Cashew Chicken Bowl